Published On: Sat, Apr 6th, 2013
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Silvio Porzionato, Reality can wait

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Date / Time
6 Apr 2013 - 28 Apr 2013
09:30 - 19:30

Contemporary RezArte

0522 333351

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"Reality can wait" for Silvio Porzionato, Piedmontese artist by Alberto Agazzani at the Gallery of Contemporary RezArte Reggio Emilia (Via Emilia Hospice, 34/D). Open from 6 to the 28 April 2013, the exhibition brings together thirty works in oil on canvas, some of which large, carried by the 2011 to the 2013.

As the editor says, "Silvio Porzionato belongs to that breed of realist painters of reality to which, understood as mimetic representation of reality, not interested in anything. His revival of forms and figures of the visible (and the shape of the figure to excellence: the human body) is totally and absolutely key in painting, metaphysics (then turned intimate and all'altrove, still invisible), in the light of realism than ever packed with invention '.

Privileged subjects of his works, women are "normal", that have nothing to do with the female stereotype proposed by the worst TV shows. Bodies and faces defined by a score detailed, which is accompanied by a strong color sensibility, also present in monochrome, where the texture of the epidermis arises from a complex layering painting.

A Realism – concludes Alberto Agazzani – that "retrieves the forms of Reality, but betrays the nature of transporting it in a dimension all and only mental ', along a route traced the entire history of art.

The staff, which will be inaugurated on Saturday 6 April 2013, at 17.30, will be open from Tuesday to Saturday with hours 9.30-13.00 and 15.30-19.30, Sunday hours 15.30-19.30, Closed on Mondays, open 25 April. Free admission. Catalog available in gallery (NFC editions, Rimini, 2013) with text by Alberto Agazzani. For information: such. 0522 333351,,

Porzionato Silvio was born in Moncalieri (TO) in 1971. After a baccalaureate artistic, is responsible for a decade of design for a major company in Turin. He then decides to start a new life, in the silence of the land of Roero (CN), in an intimate contact with nature and art. To show his work began in 2007, year in which the Award is selected Art Mondatori. Subsequently takes part in numerous group and solo exhibitions. In 2010 won the critics' prize in Saluzzo Arts and produces a permanent work for the Museum of Urban Art in Turin. In 2011 is selected for the 54. Venice Biennale, exposing both inside the pavilion regional Italian Pavilion in Turin, Sala Nervi. It dates back to 2011 his first solo public, "The bodies and the heroes", Hamlet staged at the Bertoni Foundation of Saluzzo (CN). In 2012 personale has the "Back To Grey" (Gallery Biasutti&Biasutti, Turin) and participates in the collective "IT" (Red Elation Gallery, Hong Kong). Lives and works in Pancalieri (TO).

RezArte Contemporary born in September 2012 on the initiative of Antonio Miozzi and Constantine Piazza, to create a dynamic platform through which artists selected value in national and international. The gallery has an exhibition space of over 200 m, within which hosted the collective "Iconic", "Emilia postmodern", "Eclectic", "Fragments" and "Veneto today", with the support of curators, critics and professionals.

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